Our customers - our best quality auditors/inspectors


You, as our customer, are the most important quality auditor, we can get. Because only when our products meet your taste- we feel confirmed in our efforts.

We are regularly certificated and controlled by different accredited boards of control. Our company is eco-certified and we offer an ecological production according to the EU organic regulations.

Furthermore our products are awarded repeatedly with the DLG price (German Agricultural Society).

Further on our quality management department conducts constant inspection and reviews.

Concerning our organic-products we ensure an organic production according to EU-Eco-Regulation, which will be confirmed regularly by the neutral control agency “AB-Cert”. Our organic raw materials are only registered for production until they are carefully evaluated by independent laboratories. Each and every production step – from goods receiving until delivery - is monitored by us according to a strict system of checks and proofs. For every stages of manufacturing we have own machines which are only used for our organic products.


Furthermore we pay attention to the carefully handling of goods and neither flavour enhancers nor artificial essences are used.